Posted by: kidkobun | Tuesday, April, 22, 2008

Oban Star Racers Touchdown on US Shores

In the words of Brodie Bruce, ” I must be slipping at my old age…”

As much as I love Oban Star Racers I really don’t know how this one so slyly crept up on me, but apparently amongst today’s DVD releases US fans are finally given the opportunity to purchase (no importing needed) Oban Star Racers, Vol. 1: The Always Cycle. The first of two volumes in a beautifully animated, story-driven, twenty-six episode series.

The Always Cycle

The two-disc, Volume 1 set will feature the first 13 episodes:

Disc 1 (2:38:06):
A Fresh Start (22:35)
Hostilities Break Out (22:36)
Grave Like Grodor (22:36)
In Like Flint (22:36)
Cruel Like Ceres (22:34)
Playful Like Para-Dice (22:35)
Treacherous Like Toros (22:34)

Disc 2 (2:15:30):
Agile Like Aikka (22:34)
Surprising Like Super-Racer (22:35)
Resistant Like Rush (22:35)
Silent Like Spirit (22:35)
The Will to Win (22:36)
Make Way! (22:35)

Aside from thirteen amazing and beautifully animated episodes Vol. 1 is packed with some pretty nice extras which include, but is not limited to artwork, a making of featurette and a sneak peak into vol. 2.

For those of you not familiar with Oban Star Racers I highly recommend taking a tour of the official site and familiarizing yourself with the story and the beautiful world that Savin and his team at Sav the World Productions have created. And before you leave be sure to check out the the Oban Fan Shop and make a purchase to help support Sav the World. You can find more information here:

Oban Star Racers

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go make a purchase…pending I can find it in stores and not solely online.



  1. I think the show is pretty awesome and I am glad to see it finally get released in the US. I just wished that anime wasn’t so flippin expensive.

  2. excellent show, if I see it for sale I will certianly buy it to support it

  3. Very nice. I will be picking this up for sure!

  4. Actually, I have been able to find it online for as low as $14.99. Definitely worth the price. Hell, I would pay twice that…doesn’t mean that I want to though…. 😀

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