Posted by: mchuffin | Saturday, May, 24, 2008

Wii Fit Challenge (Day 4)

So the uphill trend its continuing, as I put on weight for the second straight day. Its a little disheartening but I am sure if I keep up the workouts that it will start to go down. Today was my best workout so far with a really good mix of yoga, strength training, and aerobics. I did a total of 45 mins of workout up 15 mins from yesterday. My goal is 60 mins a day but I am going to let myself work up to it.

Day 4 BMI: 33.54 (up from 33.49)

Day 4 Weight: 289.9 (up from 289.5)

Day 4 Fit Age: 36 (up from 34)

My target BMI for 2 weeks is 33.01. This almost seems impossible to me right now. It has only been 4 days so we will see what happens.

If anyone else is using Wii Fit I would love to hear your results and hear your ideas for workouts!



  1. H, dont worry man, there is a normal 2-5lb fluxuation of weight on any individual. Start looking at the numbers once you get a few weeks into it. You should start seeing results then.

  2. Woah, crazy. I never thought Wii Fit would actually be a workout, but now it seems exciting.

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