Posted by: mchuffin | Wednesday, April, 23, 2008

McHuffin Daily Digest (4/22)

Here is a cool bit of news for all you retro fans out there! Douglas TenNapel, creator of hit game franchise Earthworm Jim, today announced Earthworm Jim 4! Very little was revealed, not even a mention of platforms, but this will be one to look out for I am sure. And to make matters better, rumor has it that Douglas also has a TV series and movie based on Earthworm Jim in the works!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance has quietly slipped into 2009. It is believed that this is because Activision has fast tracked Spider-Man Web of Shadows.

As much as I would love to impress you with a long and informative post, I got nothing else! Please, please, please check out the Oban Star Racers post and go out and buy it ASAP!!!



  1. I heard that they are going to bring EWJ to the VC. If so you can bet I’ll be spending my Wii Points on it. What a classic!

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