Posted by: mchuffin | Tuesday, April, 22, 2008

McHuffin Daily Digest (4/21)

The Metal Gear Online Beta has been postponed until Friday. A Konami spokesperson said that baring unforeseen circumstances the beta will in fact go live on Friday and remain live until May 11th.

Today Sony announced that Playstation Home will once again be delayed. This time its TBA Fall. More beta slots will be opening up this fall with a release to follow shortly…sure!

Silent Hill V has been officially retitled Silent Hill: Homecoming, and will be released this September in Europe. No US release date was mentioned but expect a US release that same month.

Splinter Cell and Metal arms are now available to download on Xbox 360 as Xbox Originals (1200 MS points each).

Todays Virtual Console releases are River City Ransom for the NES (500 points) and Phantasy Star III Generations of Doom for the Sega Genesis (800 points).

Thats all I got for now. Later dayz.


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