About HMG

Greetings & welcome to Heavy Machine Gun (HMG),

HMG will constantly be changing to reflect not only the latest in gaming, film and technology, but it will also serve as an outlet for whatever we find interesting or for whatever we choose to rant and/or rave about. This also holds true for anyone looking to contribute. So with that said, if we see you making an effort, commenting and adding to the site in a progressive manner, we may just offer you a contributing editor role.

HMG It will always be “under construction,” as it will always be proactively changing and evolving. Over time this page will become the breeding ground for opinions, thoughts, and suggestions that revolve around aforementioned topics and subjects.

-Heavy Machine Gun



  1. looking good guys, you ever need help with anything give me a jingle I know some HTML and an ass load of Photoshop and free time.

  2. It’s like a blog… for me…

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