Posted by: kidkobun | Thursday, April, 24, 2008

Splatterhouse is BACK!

Like a 2×4 to the dome, it surprised the hell out of me! First emerging two decades ago in 1988, Namco’s 2D gorefest Splatterhouse was a 2D cornucopia of blood, guts and goo. And now its time for Rick Taylor and his Terror Mask to return to Splatterhouse for what could quite possibly be the most unforeseen franchise revivals ever!

Splatterhouse is back!Rick Taylor

Slated for release in the summer of 2009, Splatterhouse is bound for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation3. EGM Subscribers will have a first look exclusive preview at this next brutal installment when the June ’08 issue hits shelves. In the meantime you can check it out on

Here’s to hoping that come 2009 BottleRocket and NamcoBandai can deliver a Splatterhouse that will make us all say “Condem…who” and “Man Hun…what?”

HMG will definitely be keeping their eyes and ears on this one. That is, if our heads don’t get bashed in by a 2X4 first….



  1. Thats awesome, never thought that they would bring this back

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