Posted by: mchuffin | Monday, April, 21, 2008

McHuffin Daily Digest (4/20) (Update 1)


Sorry Metal Gear fans, your beta for MSG Online has been postponed. Right now its officially TBA but looks like it will only be delayed until Tuesday. More as its available, and now to your regularly scheduled post.

So it’s Sunday, slow news day. In fact I really have nothing at all. Installed Metal Gear Online Beta on my PS3! Making my first post to the site via PS3! So what I am going to do is post a quick Okami review and get out of your hair!

I for one never bought Okami for the PS2. I always wanted it but never picked it up, so when I heard it was coming for the Wii I was excited to play this beloved, yet little known, game. So with great anticipation and high hopes I began to play Okami today. Let me tell you this is one amazing game. The visuals are among the best on the Wii and the game play is fun and addicting. The game has a somewhat Zelda-Esq feel but is very original. The paint brush aspect of the game is unlike anything I have ever seen, adding something fun and unique to this great game. On the other hand, the painting is my biggest complaint on the game as well. Don’t get me wrong when it works its great, but it can sometimes be very frustrating and downright annoying. Sometimes I would have to circle a freaking tree 10 times for it to regenerate. My circles seemed fine to me, but the game would not register them. Now I don’t know if this is a problem exclusive to the Wii version, or if it happened on the PS2 as well, but it does not ruin the overall experience. I would highly recommend Okami to all Wii owners and give it an 8.5 out of 10.

(Sorry my 4/20 post did not come online until early 4/21, I was experiencing some internet problems.)


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